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Question RDM Discovery packets

hi! i'm new here, and my english is not vary good, but i hope you will excuse my little (and not so) language-mistakes.
I have implemented standart DMX device and it work fine - i'm detecting BREAK correctly with gpio as interrupt and using timer to measure the time ot the BREAK. The sequence is:
1) RX pin as gpio, detecting falling edge
2) RX pin as gipo, detecting rising edge, check the time and if correct - i allow UART to work and make some inits for data storage buffers.
3) after complete frame is received (less or equal to 513) i reinit the RX pin as gpio and waiting again for falling edge (reset sequence)
But now i must implement RDM too on this device. And i'm little confused - ok, all RDM frames begin with the same reset sequence, BUT DISC_UNIQUE_BRANCH have no BREAK in the frame stucture. So i can't use my "reset sequence".
How must i handle the receiving of DMX data starting with BREAK and RDM packets without BREAK? I have some ideas how to do this, but i'm not sure what is the right and (almost) every time work correct sequence of actions for receiving mixed RDM and DMX data.
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