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I'd say Hamish is more correct here. There are requirements in 10.1 on both the Responder and the Controller.

This first sentence is the requirement for the Responder:


The Parameter Data Length shall accordingly be set to match the actual size of the text string being sent.
That clearly states that a Responder shall set it to the PDL.

The next part here is the requirements on a Controller:


Parsing of the string shall be length terminated corresponding to the Parameter Data Length field. Text fields shall terminate based on Parameter Data Length, however if a NULL is encountered then that shall also act as a terminator for the text field.
This clearly states that the controller receiving it shall expect it to be length terminated, but if it does happen to encounter a NULL then that shall also terminate it. This is meant to be more as an exception. Many controllers may handle it fine if you always send as 32 chars and Null terminate, however I'm certain that there will be some that will handle it incorrectly.
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