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Default Robe Robin Actor 3 in personality 6: GET_RESPONSE SLOT_DESCRIPTION violates spec

Hey guys, just reporting a minor RDM bug I noticed in Robe's Robin Actor 3 while testing some equipment. Please let me know if there's a better forum for this, or if anyone knows a Robe contact to which I can send this, thanks. Our unit seems to have a very old software version, so the bug may have already been fixed.

Summary: Robe Robin Actor 3 in personality 6: GET_RESPONSE SLOT_DESCRIPTION for slots {32,33,35} violates spec.

Controllers: DMXster4-RDM, any Pathport

Responder: Robin Actor 3; DEVICE_INFO follows:
RDM proto version: 1.0
Device model: 106
Product category: 1.1
Software version:
DMX footprint: 37
DMX personality: 6
DMX personalities: 6
DMX start address: 504
Sub-device count: 0
Sensor count: 1

1. From either controller, send a GET SLOT_DESCRIPTION for slots 32,33 or 35; observe an ACK with only 1 param data byte (0). The SLOT_DESCRIPTION spec stipulates 2-34 data bytes.
2. From either controller, Send a GET SLOT_DESCRIPTION for any remaining slot (0-37); observe the expected correct response (e.g. for slot 0, an ACK with 19 data bytes {16-bit slot id, "Special functions"}).

I didn't have time to comprehensively check the slot descriptions for the other personalities, sorry.
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