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So far to keep things simple, all my testing is being done with only one fixture attached to the hub. It turns out that the fixture causing the trouble is responding faster than 176usec.. it's in the range of 36usec to 60usec. This causes my hub a problem because I'm waiting for a full 130usec of silence from the controller before turning off the output port drivers & going back to checking ports for responses.. so I'm not turning around fast enough to get the beginning of the response from the fixture.

I guess my question is about the mechanism of determining when it's ok to stop driving the output ports (ie stop sending the controller data to output ports) and go back to the state where all ports (output ports & controller port) are in the "input" (listening) state to see who's gonna talk next. I did see in the spec where it says (for controller packet timing) "The average inter-slot time shall not exceed 76usec".. so it seems the hub should wait (at a minimum) for a full 76usec of silence before deciding the controller is done transmitting.. is waiting for a full 130usec of silence a good way to do this?

Thanks as always for your help..
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