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I have got ENTTEC USB Pro
And OLA Responder Tester on Raspberry Pi, I am content with them.
I have succeeded passing 367 of 426, not run 59.
As I said, I have no real field experience of RDM, we will release first product in 2019.
You may review old threads of this forum and benefit info shared by experienced old members.
My device is fixed LED fixture just supports min required plus DEVICE_HOURS and POWER_CYCLES
in our requirements the RDM as user interface of device is in second priority and min RDM features satisfies the requirements. Our first priority is DMX light fixture durable, robust device against harsh outdoor environment. It must survive ESD, spikes, rain, sun,...
I think in complicated moving devices such as scene light effect robots it is critical to support more RDM features and various sensors.

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