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I like your phrase describing RDM, "endless sea".

I'm already passing most of OLA's RDM tests (342/426). The 6 that fail and several that don't execute are due to DMXKing's ultraDMX2 PRO not allowing vendorcast nor broadcast nor some discovery packets through. The rest don't execute because I don't implement every RDM feature.

What sort of RDM test hardware and test suites are you using?

My issue is figuring out how I can make the API and framework design the most useful. I figured since you're building your own in a real product, you have a glimpse into what features you're actually finding useful and which you're not using. For example, "We use feature XXX the most, but not YYY because it turns out to be useless for us."

I wrote my own just because I enjoy such things and so don't have any real-world experience with it.
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