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Default Clearify ACK_TIMER than QUEUED_MESSAGE


I've read several post about ACT_TIMER and QUEUED_MESSAGE, please help me to sum and clear the things about it:

1. As soon as I get a SET message for parameter modification but I need more time than 2mS to finish that SET command I HAVE TO reply to the controller with ACK_TIMER reply, am I correct?
2. In the ACK_TIME response do I have to inc the message count before I send the reply to the controller or not?
3. Till the given time not spent, the controllel can address other responders, just exclude my unit which needs time to finish the previous job (e.g. save the data to EEPROM/FLASH for the got SET command)
4. When the TIME spent, the controller send QUEUED_MESSAGE to the responder which sent the ACK_TIME. Here I have to reply with the ACK for the previous SET (which requested TIME)?
5. In my reply if it is an ACK, do I use the TRANSACTION_NUMBER what I get from the controller for the QUEUED_MESSAGE or what I got in the SET command what for I replied with ACK_TIME?

Thanx in advance!


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