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Originally Posted by ericthegeek View Post
Since the console received an ACK_TIMER, it now does a "GET QUEUED_MESSAGE". If the responder has implemented a true queue, it receives a "GET_RESPONSE DMX_START_ADDRESS 300". This data is 15 minutes out of date.
On the other hand, the controller would also see a non-0 message count, which indicates that there is more messages in the queue.

Originally Posted by ericthegeek View Post
If the responder implemented a true queue, any time you did a GET QUEUED_MESSAGE you'd have to completely drain the queue of all messages before you could act on any of the messages because there *might* be newer data waiting later in the queue. On a busy responder that's generating lots of queued messages you may never be able to drain the queue.
The problem is though that if there are proxies in the network you do see FIFO queuing behavior. This is the reason why the RDM tests drain all queued messages prior to each test.

Simon (who prefers the real queue method and NR_BUFFER_FULL responses)
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