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Default Interpretation of NR_BUFFER_FULL

Hi all,

imagine the following situation:

The message queue of an RDM responder is full. A Set request arrives.
Saving needs too long to be answered with ACK. Therefore the answer is NACK with reason NR_BUFFER_FULL.

What behavior would you expect from the RDM responder?

1. The value is saved but no message written to the queue.
Because: If the RDM controller does not support QUEUED_MESSAGE it is still be able to configure the RDM responder also if the message queue is full. The successful saving can be checked using the corresponding Get request.

2. The value is not changed
Because: The responder reported NACK, which is defined as "the responder is ... unable to process the specified SET command"

3. Any other behavior ???

Best regards
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