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Originally Posted by pkleissler View Post
H All,

Section 10.3.1 says to use type of GET_LAST_MESSAGE to retrieve the last queued message, but I believe that pertains to the controller already receiving it and wants it again. This same section also gives an example, but it uses the type ERROR, to retrieve a queued DMX address message, hardly an error.

I have seen one controller use GET_LAST_MESSAGE and another use ADVISORY. So far both work, only because my proxy does not check and returns the message in its cue if there is one.


I have the same conundrum - I have a controller that uses GET_LAST_MESSAGE as the very first request to a GET:QM.

But my responder has NO previous message to return, so returns an empty STATUS_MESSAGE, since it cannot NACK the request as ACTION NOT SUPPORTED.

By my reading the standard requires a Controller to use STATUS_TYPE of

I think we are now all agreed this SHOULD have been STATUS_TYPE on None, but it sadly wasn't.

Can we agrree that the use of STATUS_TYPE of GET_LAST_MESSAGE should ONLY be used for a retry/recovery situation and not for regular GET:QM requests ?

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