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Default European RDM plug fest

LumenRadio AB invites all manufacturers with an interrest in RDM to Gothenburg, Sweden, May 21-23 for an RDM plug fest. The plug fest is free of charge and is open for all engineers having an interest in testing RDM equipment.
The plug fest is an informal event for manufacturers' engineers to verify that their products will play well with the products of other manufacturers, and if required find out what is wrong, fix it, and try again.
Also manufacurers that are not presently developing RDM products, but want to learn more about RDM are welcome.

The plug fest is intended to be an European equivalent to the ESTA RDM plug fest in Dallas. The last two plug fests in the US attracted many newcomers as well as very experienced engineers from leading manufacturers of RDM equipment.
Members of the ESTA Control Protocols Working Group will be attending the plug fest, giving the possibility for getting qualified answers to you RDM implementation and/or interpretation related questions.

For more information and registration, contact Michael Karlsson at or +46 31 722 80 84. Registration is required so that the logistics of the equipment delivery, setup, and removal can be properly organized. LumenRadio can help with hotel reservations.
Michael Karlsson
LumenRadio AB
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