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Why do you need to patch the "Arming" slot separately? Typically this would be included as part of the device's DMX Slot Footprint. For example, on a hazer you might have control slots for
1: pump speed
2: fan speed
3: arming
giving a total DMX Footprint of 3 slots.

If the control and arming slots are on different universes (Separate XLR connectors), then you can use the root device for both, and link them using the "Binding UID" mechanism.

If you do need to patch the arming slot independently on the same universe, then Scott's suggestion to use sub-devices is a good one.

Because this is a public forum, I feel I must remind everyone that DMX and RDM (which is built on top of DMX) are not appropriate for hazardous applications. DMX and RDM have little or no error detection/correction, and the control equipment is typically not up to the quality level required for hazardous uses.
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