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Originally Posted by sblair
I don't believe they are claiming it as being RDM.
There is one statement buried in the luminaires' manual that includes the letters "RDM" in reference to the DR2 communications. But, this was published at least 5 years ago.

I'm waiting now to receive some new versions of their DMX pcb to see if it will fix the glitch. Since our luminaires are still under warrantee, I'm trying to get as many bugs worked out as I can before it expires.

As to contacts, I am only dealing directly with the US distributor of Coemar products. Noel Duncan is the head of Inner Circle Distribution in Sunrise, Florida. Jorge Bombino is their lead technical person. They were at the LDI in Orlando last fall with a good size booth. Maybe you could see if they plan to be in LV and would be willing to connect.

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