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The DR2 is Coemar's "display replicator" box that provides remote display and control of their products. One of the challenges with using it is that there is NO documentation for it. There are some passing references to it in the luminaires manual and in the booklet for their bi-directional splitter.

The unit works perfectly well when hooked up to an individual light, it just will not successfully complete the discovery process when the data path goes through a DMX/RDM splitter to multiple units.

During LDI, here in Orlando, Milton came out with his scope and found that there was a timing problem during discovery when we went through the DF BiDi8 splitter. Since then, Coemar sent me their splitter to try, but we get the same result. Recently, Jorge, from Inner Circle Distribution, came by and we tried a DR2 with updated software and updated the software in the luminaires but there are still issues with multiple units on multiple splitter outputs.

We are still waiting to hear from Italy regarding our latest tests.

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