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Hi all,

Just wanted to let everyone know about a project I am currently in the planning stages for. My goal is to produce a set of RDM middleware to allow developers to easily implement RDM into their own devices.

I hope to have some more detailed planning documents together within the next few days, but in summary:

* Written in C to allow portability between a wide range of embedded processors and x86 based computers.

* Handles RDM Messages(Sending & Recieving), DMX I/O is left up to developer to implement for their specific hardware through a common API.

* Implemented in 3 Levels:
* Common RDM Functions
* Responder
* Controller

* Specific Device Implementation occurs above either Responder or Controller.

I have acquired some hosting for the project on SourceForge at

Any comments/feedback/suggestions are more than welcome.

Zac Shenker
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