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Post SLOT_INFO with Secondary Slots


I'm developing a tool that deals with responder Slots, and am trying to understand the boundaries of what the Standard allows with regards to SLOT_INFO and 16-bit parameters/functions.

The standard states that a responder has 16-bit parameter(s) when it has both a Primary (ST_PRIMARY) and Secondary (ST_SEC_FINE) slot(s). The type of slot is discovered using SLOT_INFO.

Secondary slots are meant to report the Slot Offset for the Primary Slot they refer to, however as far as I can tell there are no rules in the standard preventing a responder implementation from having multiple Secondary Slots pointing to the same Primary.

It seems to be legal, but I can't see why a responder would have multiple Secondary slots for the same Primary, so was hoping someone could provide a use case for one? Or point me towards where it states that is forbidden?

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