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Hi and thanks.

This is a responder based on a Linux non real time environment.
The OS is busy doing heaps of other stuff so we are not able to use interrupts as it takes too much cpu time and we can't get them fast enough when the OS is busy.

The coms stuff is therefore usually based on DMA control which is fully automatic, including the inter slot timout setting.
The reception of a RDM packet or a DMX packet is therefore fully automatic and no software intervention is necessary.

The bytes are reveiced until the timeout occurs and then a single interrupt occurs and this transfers the complete frame / buffer to the host.

We will investigate what else we can do but the possibilies are limited.

If we have to compromise one of the time 2 values, which one is preferable?

I should also mention that we are already checking the start code. Based on DMX or RDM, we use different timout values as the specs differ.


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