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Manually decoding that response, I see a few things:

Protocol version = 0x01 0x20. Invalid. It should be 0x01 0x00
Model ID = 0x06 0x01. Fine (manufacturer assigned value)
Product Category = 0x00 0x01. Not a valid category in Table A-5
Software Version = 0x00 0x00 0x00 0x01. Fine (manufacturer assigned value)
Footprint = 0x00 0x03. Fine
Personality = 0x01 of 0x01. Fine
DMX Address = 0x00 0x01. Fine
Sub-Device Count = 0x00 0x00. Fine. No sub-devices
Sensor count = 0x11. Fine, responder has sensors

It's possible that the invalid values are confusing the controller. Or there may be a bug where the controller is not properly reading the sensor count.

Have you implemented the sensor PIDs, and have you included them in the "Supported Parameters" list? It's also possible that the controller may ignore the sensor count if it can't send the SENSOR_DEFINITION/SENSOR_VALUE requests to the responder. I don't know how that controller behaves.
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