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That's exactly why I said this is probably the most practical place to request it The 2010 revision of E1.20 was just recently released so it won't be out again for a couple years most likely. That being said we are dealing with adding new PID's as new documents so that we aren't re-opening the core document. E1.37-1 with the IDENTIFY_MODE command is in the final publication stages now so it is done with all it's Public Review cycles. It would have been the best place to have requested the new PID be considered. E1.37-2 has not even been written yet. It is still just a glimmer in my eye, but it will likely be the one primarily focusing on LED and video devices which means we may be able to address some of this in that when it gets written. Please post feel free to start a new thread on that topic and post your entire wish list there. This is the best time to get them in as it is much easier to try and incorporate them when the document is being written than it is afterwards.

All the threads in the forums here do get routinely reviewed by the Task Group in looking at issues we need to address.

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