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When will it next be going into public review? I might have forgotten about it by then

I think it is applicable to moving lights. I often turn up to rigs once the fixtures have been hung and have to go through the fixtures to work out which ones need channels inverting because they have hung them the wrong way around. You might say to get better crew that hang the lights the right way but I don't always have this luxury. If the crew could identify which fixtures are hung the wrong way (with RDM tools) and invert them before I arrive with the lighting console it saves valuable time.

You could possibly work out in software what channels to change to identify this but it is difficult as every light would require different channel values to see the orientation.

Great to see the stealth mode is already in the next version! I have not purchased this yet.

P.S. You mention additional PIDs for video. My list for this is building up and I will prob post them here soon as well.
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