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The formal way to request a new message be added is when there is a draft revision in Public Review. That being said, this is generally the best place to discuss it as there are numerous Task Group members here for the RDM standard.

Your request for the "Identify Stealth" mode has already been done. The E1.37-1 document that adds additional RDM PID's includes an IDENTIFY_MODE command which basically lets you set the IDENTIFY command to operate in "loud" or "silent" mode.

The identify orientation is an interesting one that hasn't come up before. For moving lights I'm not sure I see a huge need for it, as you already have an existing PAN/TILT INVERT and SWAP via RDM, as well as just patching the device and seeing the orientation. With moving fixtures it is generally just as easy to see that the physical orientation they are physically hung in.

With LED battens, tiles, strips it can be a bit more messy and less obvious. There is likely going to be another round of new PID's geared towards LED and video devices. This may be a good place to do something to address that issue.
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