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Default Detailed questions on STATUS_MESSAGES


I have a question with regards to properly implementing and interpreting GET STATUS_MESSAGES.

I understand from the RDM2006 errata that there can be two types of RDM protocol support: either supporting or not supporting Status Type _CLEARED responses.

From a responder point of view, when I have a malfunction of some sort, e.g. a too low bus voltage or a too high temperature I can report this in a GET STATUS_MESSAGES reply with message(s) of a certain type and data values.

Several questions I have then from a responder viewpoint:
- how do I know _CLEARED is supported in the controller, or are most controllers already on that level? A controller without the support just ignores gracefully?
- do I only report once a certain failure (when it arises)? Or consistently with each STATUS_MESSAGE when _CLEARED is not supported? And if I need to report it consistently, how often?
- in the case of _CLEARED I only report ONCE that a certain condition was cleared?
- the PID CLEAR_STATUS_ID, what does it exactly do in this case? Is it a reset of the condition, that in a sticky example immediately comes again with a voltage or temp error and there will be another reporting of this in the next STATUS_MESSAGES (one time only?). Is this the controllers method to clear conditions and create a fresh list? How often could a controller do this? The _CLEARED method is used to remove a warning/error from the controller as soon as it is cleared instead of going via CLEAR_STATUS_ID?


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