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Thank you Peter to spend some time looking at our issue.

It is becoming clearer but still I would like if I may getting some precision just to make sure.

Personality for a 16 bit Dimmer:

Slot Offset [0x0000, (0)]
Slot Type [0x00, (0)] Primary Slot
Slot Label ID [0x0001, (1)], Intensity
Slot Offset [0x0001, (1)]
Slot Type [0x01, (1)] Secondary Fine
Slot Label ID [0x0000, (0)]

In our example above (which is implemented as it is) regarding the Secondary should we have?
Slot Label ID [0x0001, (1)], Intensity
or Slot Label ID [0x0000, (0)]

Currently we have Slot Label ID [0x0000, (0)]

We wanted to use more secondary for Strobe but the controller does not like it and we decided to use only primary.

Strobe is a primary, or do you mean say two secondary values such as timing and speed for frequency and duty cycle?
We meant two secondary values as timing / one for duty cycle and one for frequency. The responder that we worked with cannot handle very well secondary.

We learnt the hard way recently that it is not because it is wrtitten that a responder support a specific PID that it is working as the standard says.
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