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After quite a bit of field experince with this, I take the exact opposite view to Eric, and insist that IDENTIFY Timeout on all our products. With wireless links and remote controls, you dont need to be 5-10 minutes walk from the areas you are trying to ident, and there is nothing worse than having a director shout at you to "to turn off that .... flashing light" when, as a result of the problem you are possibly chasing in the first place, you have lost control of the fixture via RDM and cannot use the controller to turn it OFF.

In order to keep sync with controllers, we of course attempt to issue a queued message that indicates to the controller that the IDENTIFY has expired.

As the standard does not speak to thia at all, both approaches are acceptable, and it is down to the manufacturer to decide.

Certainly it is a good idea for a console to have the ability to send a broadcast IDENTIFY_DEVICE Off - I seen a few that don't.
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