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Question Usage of PARAMETER_DESCRIPTION for manufacturer-specific PIDs

I am trying to implement some manufacturer specific PIDs to my product but I ran in some trouble when I came to the PARAMETER_DESCRIPTION for these PIDs.

I would like to include my special PIDs in the SUPPORTED_PARAMETERS message and I also want to supply a PARAMETER_DESCRIPTION message for each PID to enable the user to work with the new functions.

My Problem:
The PARAMETER_DESCRIPTION response has a number of fields defined that should describe the details for the parameter. This will work if a single attribute with a defined value range shall be described.
But how do I describe more complex parameters with multiple attributes of different sizes (different data types) in the description?

For Example:
If I would like to implement a parameter with a similar structure as the SLOT_INFO PID, how can I represent such a data structure in the PARAMETER_DESCRIPTION response?

Another good example would be the PERSONALITY PID where GET and SET has a different number of attributes.
(GET_PERSONALITY responses with current Personality and number of Personalities, while SET_PERSONALITY has only the parameter (current) Personality)
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