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We capped it at 512 because that assumes each sub-device uses a single DMX channel. Each universe of DMX512/RDM can handle a maximum of 512 slots of data. It is common that each slot is used to manipulate a single property, whether that is a dimmer, color scroll, or moving light parameter.

The implementation you're suggesting requires a controller that deals with programming properties as bit addressed fields, which outside of proprietary systems, just doesn't exist in the wider market.

For highly proprietary systems there are many ways of solving this such as just adding multiple root devices.

The intent of RDM, and even that of DMX, is not to address every possible system that could be conceived, but to address the needs for the 95% of the market. There are going to be unique custom systems that do fall into that other 5%, but there generally is enough flexibility in the protocol that there are still ways to make the unique custom systems work too.
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