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Default ACK_TIMER support requirements

Open for discussion, but just my thoughts

6.3.3 Acknowledge Timer

Though the section describes the ACK_TIMER behaviour in detail, it doesn't outline what exactly constitues the requirements for a Responder to correctly support ACK_TIMER.
From what I understand :-
A Responder should support QUEUED_MESSAGE to effectively have ACK_TIMER responses working. But does this also mean that having QUEUED_MESSAGE in their supported PID's , a Responder Will support ACK_TIMER ?

If not how can a Controller be sure, which device supports ACK_TIMER & which doesn't ?
Then again a Responder might not have QUEUED_MESSAGE in its supported PID's but might still be sending responses with ACK_TIMER ... which shouldn't be allowed in my opinion .

Hope that makes sense
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