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Hey guys, here is some more details from Austen that he had sent me in email on his setup:

I am using about 16 ETC 2 port gateways running sACN from a GrandMA2 console through two unmanaged switches - one in FOH and one in the dimmer room that offers POE for the gateways. I have a computer on the network running the ETC offline Congo software that is definitely showing me some RDM information on most of my lights. It only shows personality and address information however.

I have all martin fixtures. 30 mac 3's, 18 mac 2k wash XB, 48 tripix LED, and like 60 stage bar LEDs.

The only thing I'm seeing is the mac 3's (which is the primary reason I want RDM).

Many of my fixtures are installed in a way that are accessible, but need to be removed for maintenance, so any sort of remote information is very helpful.

Thanks again for your response, even if you don't have time to help and resources you can point me to would help tremendously. I don't see why more people aren't using this and information is everywhere?! Even the vendors that supplied my equipment didn't have anyone with knowledge, so THANK YOU!

Scott M. Blair
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