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I'd like to extend my understanding of the 10.4.2 section. For example, Manufacturer-specific parameter data has the fixed length = 1 byte.
Then, testing a software for a controller, I received the Manufacturer-specific PID associated PDL field value = 1 on my lighting fixture.
But provided that PDL in GET_COMAND request must have "0" value, should the lighting device respond "NR_FORMAT_ERROR"?
What PDL field value should set the lighting device, sending SET_COMMAND_RESPONSE to the controller's SET_COMMAND request?
a)SET_COMMAND_RESPONCE with ACK and PDL = 0 (without parameter data)?
b)SET_COMMAND_RESPONCE with ACK and PDL = 1 with parameter data?
To my opinion option "b" corresponds 10.4.2 section better, but I prefer option "a" due to it's compactness.
Plus option "b" may be more suitable for the controller's software realization.
I'm confusing between the above mentioned options because the controller's and the responder's software and firmware realization is very much depending on which option to choose.
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