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Originally Posted by ELMVideo View Post
Is there any inexpensive PC controller software to use as a test platform?
Realistically, you'll need a few different controllers. Different pieces of test equipment excel in different areas.

The cheapest RDM controller I know of is DFD's RAD. But it's not exactly full featured.

I'm partial to the DMXter4, it's the only controller I know of that gives you full control over signal timing, and accurate timing analysis, which is especially important when you're testing a RDM hub.

I'll let others weigh in on the strength's/weakness of various other options.

(In the interest of full disclosure: I have worked for Goddard Design)

Originally Posted by ELMVideo View Post
Do you know where the plugfest would be held?
The next plugfest will likely be held in Late January 2013 near Dallas, TX, USA. The formal schedule hasn't been set yet, so that is subject to change.

Watch the PLASA TSP meeting schedule for details.
There'll also be an announcement on this forum.
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