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This is a perfect application for a proxy. You can use any proprietary protocol you want for your devices, the proxy then does whatever it needs to so it can represent those devices as an RDM device.

A proxy seems complicated at first, but it's not really that complex. The proxy just looks for multiple UIDs and responds for the devices it is proxying. You have to make a few tweaks to your discovery routines (make sure the mute response flags are correct), but they are minor.

Edit: You don't need to have a UID for each proxied device. If your devices have a serial number in EEPROM, the proxy can use that to assign a UID to that device at runtime. If you don't have any electronically readable ID in the devices, then the proxy can just make up UIDs for them.

Ideally, the same device would be assigned the same UID all of the time, but what you do on the proprietary side of the proxy is up to you.

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