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Default Subdevice labelling question

I hope this forum is still active...

I have a device with subdevices (channels of the root device).

The root supports DEVICE_LABEL (GET SET) but my subdevices do not support that.

The subdevices support DEVICE_MODEL_DESCRIPTION which is basically "Sub1" "Sub2" etc.

I have now noticed that on an ETC console, they correctly find the root as well as the subdevices but in the list, there is no visible link between the root and subdevices so it become really difficult to identify which subdevice belongs to which root. They do not seem to display it a root/sub tree but rather as a long list.

I would like to improve my device and I have the following ideas but I am not sure if those are the best way.

1) I can start supporting DEVICE_LABEL for the subdevices with GET only and give the same label as for the root.

I am not sure if I can have it as GET only as the spec wants GET and SET for that PID.

2) I could massage the DEVICE_MODEL_DESCRIPTION for each subdevice to have a merged version of the root DEVICE_LABEL + "Sub1" etc.

The problem there is that the total string length can exceed the allowed characters.

Maybe someone else has someinput or a good suggestion?

Best regards
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