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Originally Posted by es_luk View Post

I am a beginner in technology RDM, I would ask users who boot up large systems as standard RDM:
Eg. Orders 1,000 power "RDM Ready" and mount this in their luminaires.
1. As these power supplies are later identified? Everyone has their own ID and address that can be changed later?
All RDM devices have a UID preprogrammed into them that is like a unique electronic serial number. This is how they are discovered by an RDM Controller.

The DMX Address of the device can be changed, but the UID can not.

2. After installing such lighting fixtures is that they can identify and where it is placed where it is if you have to evaluate visually?
There is a command you can send to a device for it to visually identify itself.

3. How they are recognized when connected to the RDM controller?
The controller goes through a discovery process that finds all the connected RDM devices by their UID.

4. Is it possible to create a virtual map of their location?
The controller can discover them all, it is up to whatever controller you are using in how it presents this information to the user.
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