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Default Errors and Sub Device All Call

Recently OLA has been working on adding more soft RDM responders for developers to play around with. One of the recent ones is a dimmer with sub devices.

We've run into an issue with the SUB_DEVICE_ALL_CALL and when/how/or at all to report errors.

The perfect example is with a SET DMX_START_ADDRESS. Where the root device doesn't have an start address. In our current implementation we only send back the response from the root device. Which right now looks like a NACK_UNKNOWN_PID, but each sub device gets the message and changes the start address of all sub devices even though it comes back as a nack.

Simon and I discussed it a bit and there are arguments to make SUB_DEVICE_ALL_CALL only affect sub devices and not the root device or all devices including the sub device.

Thoughts? How is the forum approaching this?
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