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berntd May 8th, 2008 04:50 PM

Master Fader accross Rdm implementation Question

I have some (dimming) devices here that I can link with Rdm to a controller.
The output of the device channels is essentially still controlled by DMX from the controller and/or the actual faders on each device.

As these things progress, the controller's master fader (grand master)should now also control the fader outputs of all devices in the chain.
i.e replace the master fader on each device.

This means I have to somehow disable/replace the info from each device's master fader with info from the controller.

I am now wondering what the best/easiest/ most reliable way to do this would be.
Has anyone done something like this before?

Should I create Manufacturer specific PIDs for this?

Kind regards

sblair May 9th, 2008 12:12 AM


There are lots of ways you can tackle this. If the devices are normally going to be used with your own controller then you can easily do this with a Manufacturer-specific PID in RDM.

If it is a case where you typically are going to be relying on someone else's controller, then doing it through plain DMX might make the most sense. You could look at the individual channels and do either an LTP or HTP merge in your device between DMX and the local fader to determine whether the controller or the device has control. You could also use another channel in DMX that the controller can wiggle to take or release control over the device as well.

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