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Fraser Connollly January 2nd, 2020 01:21 PM

RDM Emulation (with ArtRDM)
Those of you at the European Plugfest 2019 will have seen the demonstration of my Art-Net and RDM emulation package.

The software (OCPE) is now available to download at www.offstagecontrols.com/ocpe.

I've made a couple of youtube videos showing how to set it up.

If you have any questions about the software, responder requests or any other feedback feel free to post it here or at twitter.com/offstagectrls.

I've started work on the E1-33 implementation which I hope to have available as a beta for the European Plugfest in February 2020.

I hope you find this helpful.


sblair January 2nd, 2020 01:28 PM


Very cool! It would be awesome to see you add emulation of RDMnet Devices in the future to it as that could be a lot of use as people are beginning their RDMnet development.

Fraser Connollly January 2nd, 2020 01:34 PM

Thanks Scott,

That's literally what I'm developing at the moment, I've just gotten the ETC demo controller compiled and running with a RTP gateway connected.

Do you know where I can find any other RDM Net controllers to test against? The 0.3 ETC release is a good start but it's far from a finished package as it sends off some illegally formatted Get Requests so it's a bit difficult to test with.

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