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pkirkup July 29th, 2009 08:36 AM

Master list of RDM Device Model IDs
Hi all

During our implementation of RDM in our control desks, it has become apparent that although RDM fixtures can provide slot information to the control desk to build a basic control profile, RDM messages do not exist to provide the full set of information that would normally be available in the fixture library on a modern control desk. This is data such as what each DMX slot value represents - different colours in a colour slot, gobo names in a gobo slot, bitmaps of manufacturer logo, photograph of fixture, bitmaps of gobos, pan/tilt real world ranges etc. Currently we get this information from the manuals for fixtures, and enter it into the fixture library for our consoles. We would like to be able to automatically link the fixture personality from the library to an RDM discovered fixture, so that we can pull this information from the library as required.

This leads to a problem - although ESTA publish a list of manufacturer IDs, there isn't a master list of RDM Device Model IDs, which can be published by each manufacturer.

What we'd like to propose is the creation of a master database (online) which can be administered by each manufacturer to list their RDM enabled products together with the 16-bit Device Model IDs. Also listed would be how the personality numbers reported by that fixture correspond to the named modes given in the manuals (Basic Mode, Enhanced Mode etc). Plus any other data it would be useful to add. This would be a web based tool, with logins available to each ESTA manufacturer. Facilities to export the list to CSV or view the values online and history logs of changes to ensure traceability. Console manufacturers would then be able to use this information to automatically link RDM fixtures to their libraries.

Would this be of interest to other RDM engineers? If there is sufficient interest, then this is something that we would be willing to help develop, administrate or host. Of course the key thing is involvement from the fixture manufacturers to publish and maintain this information in the future.

ericthegeek July 29th, 2009 10:33 AM

I agree that such a list would be valuable, but making sure it's kept up to date and accurate would be a challenge.

I think about my own experience with the IEEE Registration Authority for MAC addresses. Every place I've worked the listing is somewhat out of date because the person who's the official contact left or changed jobs and no one can find the credentials to update the listing (if anyone even remembers it needs to be changed).

From my perspective, as part of building the fixture library profile for a specific fixture, you're going to have to download the documentation for that fixture anyway. As long as the RDM Model ID is included in the documentation, it simply becomes another piece of information you have to take from the docs and include in your library.

(I'm speaking solely for myself and my own opinions here, this in no way represents the views of ESTA, the CPWG, the RDM TG)

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