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dsicon September 1st, 2017 09:48 AM

RDM logo usage
Hello, i am new here, first post
I have designed some boards that are hardware ready for RDM,
i would like to use the RDM logo with the word "ready" or something similar which i understand doesn't mean a heck of a lot

the marking would be on the pcbs and would be largely a frivolous effort as nobody will see them or care, the boards are internal to gear and not offered for sale on their own

i intend to register our company and get an ID

so my question is this:
are there restrictions or qualifications on the use of the official logo ?

is it ok to add "ready" or is there some other mark that indicates that ?

sblair September 5th, 2017 12:35 AM

Welcome to the forums. There are no official restrictions on the logo usage. However, I would strongly suggest you not mark or brand them with anything "RDM" unless they fully support the protocol.

Back while RDM was originally in development there were a lot of manufacturers that used "RDM Ready" to denote the hardware was capable of supporting RDM when the protocol was released. Unfortunately almost 10 years after the standard was published there were still trade magazines and plenty of manufacturers using the term "RDM Ready" when the product didn't actually support RDM at all. I've made a strong effort at purging this term out of the market as it is essentially meaningless and confusing to users. Either a product supports or RDM at this point or it doesn't.

Hope that helps.

dsicon September 7th, 2017 02:15 PM

Thanks for the info, yes while i agree that "Ready" has no meaning for finished goods there may be an exception for cases when it is not driven by marketing and when the term is not exposed to the public

e.g. a family of boards (inside a finished product) which are interchangeable in all respects except that some support RDM at the hardware level and some do not
so i would argue that in such a case as an internal marking for the benefit of a technician or a field service call or inquiry that the marking "RDM Ready" is potentially useful

however, if you still object to such use i would refrain without complaint in the interest of collegial harmony

hamish September 7th, 2017 05:43 PM

Logo = RDM Operable
Hi there.

In my opinion, adding the RDM logo suggest that your product is RDM operable, which, as you suggest, it is not. Far from being potentially useful, it would be misleading and detract from the very purpose of the logo.

Many manufacturers have implemented a duplex RS485 connection to their hardware without RDM support. Form your description, your product is currently in this category.


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