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Robert040 July 16th, 2013 05:51 AM

Differences in current OLA RDM Responder tests?
Is there a difference between the OLA test that are part of the current RaspberryPi OLA image set versus the current Ubuntu 12.04 available at apt.openlighting.org?

The last announcement mentions version 0.8.27, but I could not find such number in the test logging output, or on the html control UI? Also a quick search in the Python source, I could not locate the version number.

The reason I ask this is that a test run on the RaspberryPi setup shows one failure which isn't shown on the Linux setup (run in VMware VM on WindowsXP), although the actual test result (response timeout) is the same.

This actual test result is correct, but the fact that the test run on Linux does not flag this as a test fail in the test results is worrying.
On the Linux I have a 100% test success but I know there is still at least one issue I need to solve, but are there others I wonder.

Because the tests on the two platforms aren't executed in the exact same order, there is no good way to compare the test log outputs of the two. But there are enough differences to suggest that the two platforms run a different version of the test, though I don't know which is newer/better.

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