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endoftheworld July 31st, 2006 05:23 PM

Confusion about versions
Im in the middle of tetsing some RDM equipment I procured from various sources, through my RDM application based on (E1.20 standard).

One of these devices "Jump Start" is only supposed to work with v1.0 , so I contacted the manufacturer (Artisitic License) about E1.20 support , and this is what I got in reply :-

"Unfortunately we will not be supporting V1.2 as RDM will be approved
shortly and then we will be supporting the final version V2."

I am totally confused now, I thought E1.20 was the actual released standard,
am I wrong ?

Could someone please shed some light on this


sblair July 31st, 2006 09:00 PM

There's some confusion here. The Standard itself is ANSI E1.20. This is the identifier for the Standard in the big world of ANSI standards. It has nothing to do with the "version" number.

During the development there were draft version numbers of the standard we used mostly for our own tracking purposes.

The final version of the published Standard is v1.0. Keep in mind there was also a draft version 1.0 very early on as well.

What I'm sure Wayne meant was that they were no longer planning to support the draft versions in Jump Start as the final version has been approved and they'll be supporting that soon.

endoftheworld July 31st, 2006 10:25 PM

Thanx for the clarification scott,
Im sure you meant "draft revision 1.0" not version

But from the Artistic License's reply :-
"Unfortunately we will not be supporting V1.2 as RDM will be approved
shortly and then we will be supporting the final version V2"

And from what you said:-
"The final version of the published Standard is v1.0"

Thee 'Jump start' currently supports draft 1.0
(coz in the RDM packet it sends the sub-device field is of 1 byte only)

Can I thus notify Artisitic License, that the final RDM standard has been approved already ? :)

I hope I understood you clearly.

sblair July 31st, 2006 11:08 PM

Wayne over at Artistic License knows that the RDM Standard is released :) He was one of the key members of the Task Group developing it.

Wayne was probably thinking that the "RDM Version" field in the protocol was going to be v2.0 when it released since early draft versions had it set to v1. This field stayed as 1.0 in the Release version since the previous versions were all drafts and not really for public consumption.

Artistic Licence has a lot of different products that were developed to the draft versions and as such I'm sure they are trying to get the final version implemented in all their products so they can release them all at one time.

wayne@artisticlicence.com August 1st, 2006 01:53 AM

Hi guys,

Apologies if I caused confusion. I was referring to the Task Group 'draft version' numbers, forgetting that the first release of the standard is called V1.0.

To clarify:

All Artistic Licence products currently shipped are coded to the Draft V1.0 document. Amongst other things this means we have 8 bit sub-device and are using the development start code.

Now that the standard is out, we will be upgrading our products to the full standard.

In order to avoid potential confusion, we will be releasing all product upgrades in one hit. I do not have a date for this, but it is at the top of our development list.



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