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daniel November 24th, 2014 04:17 PM

Relating to the discussion here:

This is my proposal for an expiring fixture identification message. The purpose is to allow a controller set the device into identify mode, while allowing the identify state to expire in the case that the controller is unplugged (such as a handheld device that is quickly moved to a new cable) or the cables are re-plugged, preventing an identify off command.

This should be a configurable option in the RDM controller being used.

One parameter, 16-bit, timeout in seconds.

Range: 0 - 65,535

IDENTIFY_DEVICE_WITH_TIMEOUT with a non-zero parameter causes the fixture to identify in the selected mode (loud or quiet if supported) for the specified time. When the time has elapsed, the fixture behaves as though it has received an IDENTIFY_DEVICE[off] message.

IDENTIFY_DEVICE_WITH_TIMEOUT[0] causes the fixture to identify 'once' or one cycle, or for one second, as it makes sense to the fixture implementation.

A fixture may return NR_OUT_OF_RANGE if the timeout is too long for the fixture to support for some reason. Although support up to an hour (3600 seconds) is required if this command is implemented.

If the message IDENTIFY_DEVICE is received, it overrides this command and cancels the timer.

As with IDENTIFY_DEVICE, a power cycle cancels the identification, even if the timer has not expired.

Use case:
A controller (such as the Swisson XMT-350 or the DFD RAD) sends the IDENTIFY_DEVICE[on] message when a fixture is selected. However if the DMX cable is removed from the tester and returned to console control, the fixture will be (possibly permanently) stuck in identify mode. Devices like this could use IDENTIFY_DEVICE_WITH_TIMEOUT[10] to cause the fixture to identify for 10 seconds. When 10 seconds has gone by, the controller can send another IDENTIFY_DEVICE_WITH_TIMEOUT[10], or if the fixture is de-selected, the controller will send IDENTIFY_DEVICE[off] to end identification.

This allows a fixture to return to operation in a sane way in the case that the tester is removed from the system.

nomis52 November 25th, 2014 10:02 AM

Hi Daniel,

It's fine to have a discussion here, but please submit the request during public review of E1.37-5 . It was approved for public review last week, so the public review period should open in a month or so.


prwatE120 March 2nd, 2015 11:31 AM

To resolve the problem you have identified, we ensure that IDENT is automatically disabled after 90 seconds on our products, at which time they also queue a message to inform the controller that the IDENT state has changed.

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