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sblair January 14th, 2015 12:44 PM

New RDM Expansion PIDs doc in Public Review
PLASA currently has a suite of new PIDs (commands) for RDM that are in Public Review for extending the functionality of RDM that we are seeking feedback on.

The majority of this set of PIDs are geared towards general applicability across most product types.

In particular we have added in PIDs geared towards allowing a device to better describe it's DMX profile to a controller. This important for cases when you don't have a proper fixture library so the light can describe the channel detail to the controller.

We have also added in PIDs allowing for more complete description of manufacturer-specific PIDs. This allows a device to fully describe its manufacturer-specific PIDs to a controller so it can intelligently expose them to the user. We have outlined 3 possible models for doing this and we will pick one based on the public review feedback we receive.
Also, we are accepting requests for additional PIDs to be added during this first Public Review cycle as well.

The Public Review draft standard of E1.37-5 and Public Review comment forms can be found here: http://tsp.plasa.org/tsp/documents/p...eview_docs.php The deadline to submit comments is March 2nd.

Nigel Worsley January 15th, 2015 07:37 AM

There is a typo in the draft, on page 94 the text DISCOVERY_INCREMENTAL is rendered in the Windings font and shows as symbols. Somewhat appropriately, the final one is a sad face :)

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