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dj41354 December 7th, 2015 03:39 PM

Integrity software (Goddard, Jese Controllers)
So I'm playing with the 'Integrity" software so I can run the automatic RDM testing suite with my Goddard DMXter4... pretty impressive stuff. Has anyone else purchased this?.. Is it mature?.. or does it still have work that needs to be done?
I'll be posting some more results/thoughts as I get some more hands on time with it.
DougJ / BlackTank.

dj41354 December 10th, 2015 03:34 PM

This is an amazing piece of software. It's real time performance is incredible, it's ease of use is fantastic, and it's thoroughness seems awesome (although I admit to being a newbie to this realm..) I never would have been able to find as many "issues" with my RDM responder code without this. I'm running this on a Goddard DMXter4 RDM. The people at Goddard are equally amazing... It's reassuring that there are still qualified, competent, and responsive technical people out there.

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