RDMnet (E1.33)

The next big thing coming to the world of lighting controls is RDMnet (E1.33). This is a new standard to add RDM messaging on an Ethernet network.

RDMnet expands the functionality of E1.31 by adding RDM messaging over Ethernet in the same way that RDM was built on top of DMX512. This means that the same RDM message that lives on the DMX512 link, can be encapsulated to go through a DMX/RDM to Ethernet gateway and back to the console. It provides for the final link in the chain to allow RDM to scale from the smallest systems to the largest.

This standard also provides for discovery of all E1.31/E1.33 devices on the Ethernet Network and dedicated messages for configuring Ethernet to DMX/RDM gateways.


This new standard┬ácompleted it’s 3rd Public Review and is anticipated to go into it’s 4th Public at the end of 2014. The comments from the 3rd Public Review drove some fundamental changes that were needed to adequately allow the protocol to be used with common mobile O/S’s for phone and tablet use. Specifically limitations with using SLP for discovery arose that forced us to change to mDNS/DNS-SD which ultimately gives us much more flexibility. Major work has also been done to allow for better system scaling.




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