RDM Additional Message Sets (E1.37-1) — NOW AVAILABLE!



RDM was designed at the outset to be extensible, so that as time goes on we can define additional RDM messages adding additional functionality to suit the needs of the market. The first such set of these message extensions has now reached final release as ANSI E1.37-1.  This standard has now been published and is available for purchase from the PLASA Foundation.  This standard provides for a variety of new messages that are applicable across most all products. In particular though are numerous messages targeted towards dimming systems. Pretty much any type of setting relating to dimmers that could be needed are covered now.

Below is a listing of the new messages added in this document:

General Parameter Messages
Get/Set Identify Mode (IDENTIFY_MODE)
Get/Set DMX512 Block Address (DMX_BLOCK_ADDRESS)
Get/Set DMX512 Fail Mode (DMX_FAIL_MODE)
Get/Set Startup Mode (STARTUP_MODE)
Get/Set Power-On Self Test (POWER_ON_SELF_TEST)
Get/Set Lock State (LOCK_STATE)
Get Lock State Description (LOCK_STATE_DESCRIPTION)
Get/Set Lock PIN (LOCK_PIN)
Get/Set Burn-In (BURN_IN)

Dimmer Parameter Messages
Get Dimmer Info (DIMMER_INFO)
Get/Set Minimum Level (MINIMUM_LEVEL)
Get/Set Maximum Level (MAXIMUM_LEVEL)
Get/Set Curve (CURVE)
Get Curve Description (CURVE_DESCRIPTION)
Get/Set Output Response Time (OUTPUT_RESPONSE_TIME)
Get/Set Modulation Frequency (MODULATION_FREQUENCY)
Get Modulation Frequency Description (MODULATION_FREQUENCY_DESCRIPTION)

Preset Messages
Get Preset Info (PRESET_INFO)
Get/Set Preset Status (PRESET_STATUS)
Get/Set Preset Merge Mode (PRESET_MERGEMODE)

Defines for all these new PIDs can be found in the updated rdm.h file located in the Developers->Resources->Downloads section of the website.

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