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Finally managed to have a first read of the draft and impressed by some of the improvements. Initial reaction though is that it has got way more complex (which worries me). I have some questions from my first read that hopefully someone can answer.

- is the controller supposed to publish over SLP both a controller and device service?
- if the answer above is no then why does the controller not have to publish its Device ID in the SLP discovery?
- how is it decided whether to use a "Controller Mesh" or "Master Controller"? Should you assume that if the user has entered a master IP Address then you use a master controller. If so what if the lighting console is on one show where they use a master and they take the same show to another show with no master. Things wont work.
- I am sure there is a good reason why you have not used a multicast group to distribute the queued messages but what is it. My guess is reliability but is the reliability so bad it warrants all the extra complexity in the standard.

Good work though! My questions are partly curiosity. Sure I will have more in due course. Bit tight to look at everything before the deadline though. Not great time of year for this with PLASA just gone.
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