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Default Generating UId on PC Platform

I have not seen this discussed anywhere else so thought I would raise it. What are peoples thoughts on generating RDM UIDs within PC software. With devices such as a moving head it is relatively easy to program a unique serial number into each fixture but for software that runs on a PC there is no unique way to generate this ID. Should there be some guidance on how to generate a UId for PC software or would it be up to individual manufacturers.

I already see problems with some software that is talking RDM in that they generate the UId from the MAC Address. The problem is that if you change to a different network adapter the UId changes and this is not helpful when trying to write a controller.

I currently just generate a random number and then save the generated ID to the registry. At the moment I hope it does not clash but if people use this method should there be a requirement to generate a new UID for the relatively unlikely case of UID clashes.
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