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owaits August 23rd, 2012 01:41 AM

Generating UId on PC Platform
I have not seen this discussed anywhere else so thought I would raise it. What are peoples thoughts on generating RDM UIDs within PC software. With devices such as a moving head it is relatively easy to program a unique serial number into each fixture but for software that runs on a PC there is no unique way to generate this ID. Should there be some guidance on how to generate a UId for PC software or would it be up to individual manufacturers.

I already see problems with some software that is talking RDM in that they generate the UId from the MAC Address. The problem is that if you change to a different network adapter the UId changes and this is not helpful when trying to write a controller.

I currently just generate a random number and then save the generated ID to the registry. At the moment I hope it does not clash but if people use this method should there be a requirement to generate a new UID for the relatively unlikely case of UID clashes.

ericthegeek August 23rd, 2012 10:16 AM

Technically, as a manufacturer it's your responsibility to make sure that all Device IDs withing your Manufacturer ID are unique. How you accomplish that is up to you.

Some things to consider:
Whenever someone installs your software you could have it contact your web server and "check out" a UID or range of UIDs. The downside is that this requires connectivity to work. Perhaps offer a phone-in and email options too.

You mentioned using the MAC address. This can help, but there is a slight risk of duplication since MAC addresses are 48 bits and RDM Device IDs are 32 bits.

Random numbers are unlikely to end up with duplicates given the size of typical RDM systems, but it can happen.

If you're storing in the registry, just make sure you account for users who use tools like Ghost and Clonezilla to clone hard drives.

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