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Documentation (2) »

  1. RDM Basics (137.7 kB, pdf)
    RDM Basics document produced by Cooper Controls
  2. RDM for Lighting Desks (53.21 kB, pdf)
    A document produced by Cooper Controls providing advice for fixture manufacturers in implementing RDM, with particular reference to control from a lighting console.

Artwork (1) »

  1. RDM Artwork (32.38 kB, zip)
    Open Source artwork for displaying RDM compliance

Software (1) »

  1. RDM.h Software Defines (55.93 kB, h)
    RDM.h file for E1.20 and E1.37 that includes all the #defines for the Appendix.

Presentations (2) »

  1. RDM PLASA 2012 (8.51 MB, pptx)
    A powerpoint presentation delivered at PLASA 2012
  2. LDI 2012 RDM Beyond the Basics (148.21 kB, pdf)
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